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Sona Enterprises offers you a hughes range of Hand made persian carpets, rugs, leather carpets, saggy rugs, tufted carpets, silk carpets & Machine Made - Wall To wall carpets, tile carpets, grass carpets, vinyal flooring, vinyal pvc flooring, laminate flooring, wooden flooring engineered floorig, PV Plan flooring, tile flooring, pvc marble look flooirng that is all premium quality products ,

Our products i.e. Hand made persian carpets, rugs, leather carpets, Machine made carpets, Tile carpets ( Imported )To wall carpets, tile carpets, grass carpets, vinyal flooring, vinyal pvc flooring, laminate flooring, wooden flooring engineered floorig, PV Plan flooring, tile flooring, pvc marble look flooirng saggy rugs, tufted carpets, gabbeh carpets, wool+silk carpets, silk carpets, leather saggy rugs, durriwes, kilims carry a distinct appeal & intricately made of hand made products,

Giving us the winning edge are our infallible design skills. With our varied and rich experience of more than 13 years of manufacturing exclusive persian knotted carpets & rugs products; we not only take the initiative to consistently develop new and fresh designs but also specialize in fabricating articles, created in accordance to our customer's designs and specifications. We believe that “God is in the details”, and keep a stringent check on quality. Bringing you the only finest craftsmanship, tailored to your satisfaction.

Our persistent efforts and diligent workmanship have enabled us to be counted amongst renowned persian carpet collections & rugs manufacturer of India. Our stringent quality control system ensures that all figures are made under close personal supervision, and then inspected and packed by our highly skilled staff. The organization has an excellent service record of providing timely deliveries.

Since its establishment, the company has been serving to meet the needs and requirements of customers all over India with its professional approach to customer service, vast experience and economical prices, the company is the preferred choice to the buyers in the domestic markets.

School Flooring in Navi Mumbai

A school’s environment affects the knowledge grasping ability of its pupils. This is why the flooring of a school plays an essential role, as it occupies most of the surrounding. The flooring should add warmth and quietness to the air. We at Sona Enterprises understand this dynamic importance of the school flooring in details.


We know flooring is an investment because you not only put in your time, effort and money, but even put your reputation at stake! Hence, we provide variant range of School Flooring in Navi Mumbai. We focus on your choices to meet the end of your requirements.

We provide our artisans to come and perform the grounding process at your site because according to us the most crucial step regardless of the type of the chosen flooring is its grounding.

We help you examine some of the best options for School Flooring in Navi Mumbai and choose just the perfect school flooring by using evidence-based flooring which suits your academic environment.

Why choose from Sona Enterprises? School Flooring Collection?

  1. We provide static-control School Flooring in Navi Mumbai which doesn’t get affected due to environmental conditions like foot traffic
  2. Outer look of floorings may vary, but the lasting value of every flooring is constant hence flooring’s original beauty will remain same through years of use
  3. Extensive colour pallet in all types of floorings that can fit in with any design scheme of school
  4. Protection against scuffs and scratches
  5. Durability and resistance to indentations from chairs, desks, tables and other heavy objects
  6. Excellent wear resistance
  7. Minimal effort for cleaning, maintenance and repair
  8. High performance products suited to every space in the education environment

A school is a temple of multiple and different kinds of knowledge and so it needs variety of special and flexible flooring solutions suitable for every space, that is for classrooms, corridors, faculty lounges, science and math labs, gymnasium, audio-visual room, auditorium, play court and etcetera.

Choosing the flooring for these different areas of school is not a rocket science but, yeah…It’s a TASK! So, to make it easier we at Sona Enterprises have specific School Flooring in Navi Mumbai for different spaces at school.

Low Profile Carpet Tiles

  • Durable
  • Slip resistant
  • Damaged tile can easily be replaced without affecting the other tile
  • Endless color and design options

Vinyl Tile

  • Comfortable under foot
  • Low maintenance
  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant


  • Appearance that of real hardwood
  • Resistant to fading, scratching, and scuffing
  • Cheaper alternative to solid hardwood

Classroom Flooring

A child must feel at ease when he/she enters the classroom. The visual treat by the flooring should be such that it provides a feeling of comfort, warmth and safety; Aids to the knowledge gaining capability of children and is durable to withstand classrooms that turn into fish markets in the absence of a teacher.

Hence, type of School Flooring in Navi Mumbai that we have conditioned to suit in such environment is:

Corridor Flooring

Corridors represent the layout of the school and are like the road to reach in classroom or any area and therefore it is most susceptible area for heavy foot-traffic. Hence, it is important that these passages use appropriate School Flooring solutions that are:
  • Durable
    Corridor flooring needs to be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic, scuffs and scratches over its lifespan.
  • Safety and slip resistant
    Corridor flooring should be safe that is skid and slip free. It should reduce the risk of falls or injuries.
  • Noise reductant
    Corridor flooring should help aid in maintaining quietness so that it will not distract classroom learning.

Gymnasium Flooring

Gymnasium has wide range of uses that includes exercises, basketball, dance, yoga, weight machines, free weights and etc… the list can go on and on.
Fortunately, Sona Enterprises provides School Flooring in Navi Mumbai like epoxy floorings and seamless floorings that can easily accommodate all these different uses with one flooring type. The flooring varies from traditional maple wood flooring to durable, cushioned-backed resilient flooring.
Feel free to contact us for more information or visit our site or office at Navi Mumbai, we would be obliged to help you.
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